Mexican Dinner with a Twist

I know many readers of mine enjoy those random food posts of dinner we make (we being us at home or our close friends – and in this case it was at my friend’s house Lamia). Anyways… Purg, where are you? This post is for you 😛

We decided to have a Mexican themed dinner at Lamia’s house. She did most of the dishes that night

Chicken Tex Mex Rolls

Chicken Fajita

Anfal's Beef Enchiladas

A twist from jacket potatoes but not quite yet Texas fries dish - IT WAS A BIG HIT

Samar's Mexican Salad

The food was yummy but Fahad, in case you are reading this – I swear I just ate from the grilled chicken (no tortillas) and the Mexican Salad — and few chips too 😛

12 responses to “Mexican Dinner with a Twist

  1. hmm … now am in the mood for some mexican food (the greasy homemade style)

  2. 3alaykom bil 3afia, the food looks so yummy 🙂

  3. OMG it looks amazing!!
    bil3afya ;*
    lash mako maxican rest. bil q8 ?

  4. Looks all so good! 3alaikom bel3afia 🙂

  5. ya salaaaaaaaaaaam!! *jealous* bil3afya;*

  6. yummy bl 3afyaa .. wnt some 4m chips wth salsaa 😀

  7. Dear ansam
    3alaikum balf 3afya.. One small request though;
    please place a warning in the title for such anti-diet food postsu

    p.s. I’m not kidding
    p.s what dippping did u have with those potatoes ?:$

    yours sincerely
    hungry person :p

  8. PLZ PLZ PLZ from where u buy the nachos

  9. Thank god its not ramadan, I would be licking the screen.

  10. Alla ye3afeekom all 🙂 Thank you

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