The Proteges – Day II – Safari

On Day II, I had left early from The Mall of Emirates Trip to meet up with some family members, so I missed all the afternoon fun at the Safari. I had asked them to email me pictures and I kinda stole some from the Pink Coffee Blog 😛

As they explained on the blog; “the students experienced the thrill of a Safari Adventure, exploring and driving through the soft yet steep sand dunes of the wind-lashing desert. To make use of these dunes, the students engaged in a recreational activity known as “sand-boarding” down the steep dunes. Luckily, nobody got hurt.”

“Isolated within the endless desert is a camp gathering adventurers in one place to feast and celebrate traditionally under the starry night sky. Students enjoyed the gathering with games, henna art and camel rides.”

It seems that they had an eventful fun afternoon there 😉

After their Safari trip, I met with them in the Hotel to go on our next stop – Madinat Jumeira. The students talked to me about the Safari and how much they enjoyed it… the only problem was the weather though. I snapped a couple of funny -insider joke- kinda henna art they did 😉

To be Continued 😉

4 responses to “The Proteges – Day II – Safari

  1. looks like they had a great time even though it was hot 🙂

  2. FUN !
    Is how i would desceibe the day ;D

  3. Looks like so much fun :DD

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