Steal Vs. Real

Earlier this week I was at The Avenues and spotted this shoes at CCDK – branded with Paris Hilton’s name!

It is selling for KD48

It reminded me so much of few years back Christian Louboutin’s Bow Knot Sling-back Shoes 😉 So I googled some pictures for you and found the following…

So whadya think? The steal (with “pink” soles) or the -more than triple the price- real deal with the hot original red soles?  😉

6 responses to “Steal Vs. Real

  1. I like to go for the real deal, always 😉
    But the CCDK pair don’t look so bad, thr actually quite nice

  2. of course the real deal! Paris Hilton is tacky and I wouldn’t wear something with her name on it :s oo the christian louboutin ones are HOT…hers klsh i wouldn’t give it a second glance :s

  3. louboutin 4 sure, it’s an investment. u can keep it 4 ever

  4. Louboutin for sure I agree with Laila

  5. wayedd 7lu , i like it

  6. So Louboutin FTW 😉

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