Vuvuzela at Home!

My sister came in today from work with a…. Vuvuzela!!! Her friend got it from South Africa while there for the World Cup.

She was so happy playing with her new toy! I know its fun… and I am enjoying it… kinda!!

Lets just hope she wont get too carried away with it….

Or else… I will think of way to thank her “friend”! Hmmmmmmm

5 responses to “Vuvuzela at Home!

  1. للبيع ؟

  2. hahaha tadreen enna ra7 sooti 3ogob!!! LOL dad asked me to stop playing with it sob el daray … a7la mokan 7ag el sada hahaha

  3. lool my sister has one too

  4. ya shagool lazeem etkheshoonha 3ashan al3ab weyakom miss u 7addi

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