The Proteges – Day II – Emirates Mall

After an eventful day in Sharja and Dubai, and after a good night sleep, we were ready for Day II! The plan was to meet down for breakfast, go to Emirates Mall, do the Freeze and shop around a bit, Go to Safari, and Celebrate Mentor Shamlan AlBahar’s birthday.

Mentors Yarub Burhama and Shamlan AlBahar heading for the buffet

Enjoying breakfast 😉

As usual, we took the bus with the students in a good mood and with games played on the way there… down to Emirates Mall! Right then and there, they were discussing the Freeze 😉

I had left them and met some family members in Dubai so I missed some of the activities on that day -The Safari for example- but I managed to snap some pictures of Du‘s HUGE booth with interactive games in celebration of the World Cup 😉

I loved it 😉 Whadya think?

To be Continued 😉

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