World Cup Competition at Work

I started the prediction game at work for fun, but it turned out to be so much fun -I even included a slide about it on one of my presentation to the team, yeah me being silly/funny- Oh well… anyways, the boss -Hazem- won the competition! He was in first place with 50 points! Talk about Paul the octopus, huh!! I was in second place along with two other coworkers – a tie – with each one of us earning 39 points… Way behind Hazem! Nevertheless, it was SO MUCH FUNN 🙂 I decided to get cupcakes for the team from Juju’s and it was a BIG hit 😉

To order, call their Fanar branch at 25722999 😉

5 responses to “World Cup Competition at Work

  1. nice
    it seemed like u had a lot of fun =]

  2. oh .. too much icing! Bel 3afiya

  3. Hah! the Boss must always win 😉

  4. yummy!! it looks so good

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