The Proteges – Day I – ALQASBA

So after freshening up, we took the bus and headed to Maraya in AlQasba in Sharja! On the way… students were -as usual- signing and playing games, so Mentor Abdulaziz AlAdwani took part in their activities – mainly music related

Everyone was starving so we made a mini stop at one of the fast food joints on our way

Shortly after we arrived to Maraya Art Center

Its a three-story art center for contemporary visual arts. At the entrance, mentors and students were fascinated by the first art piece they encountered. They were taking pictures and taking close look at the colorful blocks put together

Protege Dana AlGhanim admiring the art piece after everyone left... she stayed behind appreciating it a bit more

Then Maraya team gave a brief speech about the center explaining the design, purpose, lectures given, and offers in “The Shelter” – a medium used to connect with others and exchange ideas.

So on each floor, we would listen to a brief description given by them and then walk around and check the art pieces

Here is Fatma AlAwadi browsing a book she took out of the partition-like shelves

Mentor Yarub Burhama with Protege Dalal AlSulaiti discussing a photo

The upper floor is called Barjeel where collection exclusively exhibits pieces collected from Arab artists.

This was one of the pictures we were asked to explain… so what do you think?

The head piece, shmagh, represent the male presence, actually… the STRONG presence in her life. He is kind of ruling her, and she is seen (hence the frame) as the housewife in her ragged clothes and the cooking gloves shes wearing… not to mention the expressionless -yet sad- look on her face! No?

By the way… its a self portrait of the artist herself, I believe her name is Reem Lootah!

Nora AlHajri's head just got SO BIG!

Another interesting piece of art….

Here is Nora again... Gotta love this girl!

This is another piece I liked… Jesus shown -as still suffering- in a land where three languages is used

What do you think of this one now?

Now lets take a closer look at those red drops? Whadya think?

Students just being students and enjoying themselves 😉

Danas (AlOtaibi & AlGhanim) checking out some of the pictures AlGhanim snapped throughout the day

Now I have no idea what is Sulaiman AlRifaie doing taking video recording this way... but Nasser AlHumaidi is taking his video the normal/regular way

More art pieces

Chillaxing outside Maraya before we headed back to the hotel for the next trip

To be continued 😉

20 responses to “The Proteges – Day I – ALQASBA

  1. hahaha amaaazing coverage Ansam! :)))

  2. i highly recommend this place, it truly represents art from our side of the world. most of the artists are middle-eastern, so its very interesting to see art that represents our culture or sends a powerful message about the problems in society. thank you ansam!

  3. The amazing thing is that most of the artists are emaratis and they are so creative mashalah.

  4. eyannen l ma3rath!

  5. do we have this in kuwait?

  6. the program looks amazing!!

  7. i thought the only qasba is in m7amamra iran ;D.. loved it.. keep’em coming 🙂

  8. 3ajabni al art center and i like your description 3ala allo7a malat el lady el met7ajba 😉

    btw ana sij mo ma3akom wala adry 3n alwth3 bas shakla waw wel students shaklhom san3een and they are having fun 6abi3ieen ya3ni

    cant wait for the next episode 😀

  9. you know i’ve been to this place few times never knew of this gallery 😦

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