The Proteges – Day I – Arriving Dubai

So I am back from Dubai after covering The Proteges trip to Dubai as I announced before (link)! I will take you through it day by day in episodes, starting with this one – The take off Kuwait and arriving to Dubai and our hotel, Westin!

Initially.. Dana AlOtaibi, of Pink Coffee, did an amazing job with regards to booking tickets, hotelΒ reservation, and announcing meeting time and point at Kuwait Airport. I remember handing her my documentations and travel expenses about a week or 10 days before the trip when I was invited… and she did the rest! Chapeau bas! Awesome work Dana πŸ˜‰

Anyways… we were supposed to meet at Kuwait Airport around 6:30AM on July 8th. The Proteges, mentors, some family members were all there ready to take off…

The place was full of positive energy and full of laughs! I was getting to know them more and more since I only attended few lectures throughout the course with them (here & here), but I felt I was part of the group so soon! They are, the mentors -whom I knew most of them- & the students were so friendly and very welcoming!

And it was finally time to take off via Fly Dubai.

We were handed out the boarding passes randomly, so I didnt know whom I was sitting next to, and so were the rest of the group who did not seem to mind at all. After take off, and after the seatbelt sign was off, I walked around trying to snap random pictures of the students, volunteers, mentors, their families… everyone doing a different thing! They even sang “Happy Birthday” to Mariam AlOmani who’s birthday was on the day!

Dherar reading on board... nice!

Students having a "pep talk" with mentor Abdullah AlEisa

Playing "Guessing Game" with mentor Rana AlKhaled

And here we are Dubai πŸ˜‰ Gathering point after baggage claim and short speech given by Mohammad AlMunaikh pulling an “Abdullah AlEisa” kinda spirit! Abdullah was laughing the most I guess!

Anyways… we took the bus to the hotel. We made a mini stop at a grocery store, but throughout the way.. The Proteges were singing many songs and played games to kill time… which was passing by fast πŸ˜‰ A sign of having a good time I guess!!

Mentor Shamlan AlBahar documenting the trip as well

and we got to our hotel at around 2:ooPM, in which we were given 30 minutes to freshen up and get ready for the first field trip to Sharja.

Protege Dana AlGhanim snapping random pictures at the hotel lobby

To be continued…. πŸ˜‰

37 responses to “The Proteges – Day I – Arriving Dubai

  1. I loved the part when Munayyikh kan iqallid Mentor Al-Eisa πŸ˜›
    hahahaha that was very funny!
    Looking forward for the rest πŸ˜‰

  2. not the first comment ;p
    but i also loved that you mentioned Almunaiekh-AlEissa part ;p
    we loved your company, hope we`ll see you more often πŸ˜‰

  3. Finally !! i was waiting for this post, i really love it and can’t wait for the rest !!

  4. Best trip ever!! oo wijoodich 6ab3aan 5alahaa wayeed a7laa!! espically when dancing to waka waka!! πŸ˜›

  5. great post!! we enjoyed your company so much Ansam! it was such a pleasure having you around! can’t wait to see more of those posts!

  6. seems interesting … what was the trip for exactly? howz fly dubai btw?

    • The students are taking intensive courses in Kuwait in lecture rooms at GUST. They study self-building, business, music, quran, arts, IT, theater and more… so this trip was to break out of the routine and visit some interesting places and have fun. It was much needed as the students had so much fun. Lots of family members were flying with us too.
      Fly Dubai is okay – similar to Aljazeera so dont expect to much πŸ˜‰

  7. roqaia alahmad

    i like the idea of this project but i have quistion why only from 16 to 24 year ??

    • Yes… many applied, but only 25 students were selected between the ages of 16 and 24. πŸ™‚ Visit their website (link above) for more info πŸ˜‰

  8. thank you ansam for covering this trip, it was an honor having you come along with us, im so happy i met you! these pictures are priceless, the time passed by so fast, and the small moments can never be forgotten! i think im still high from dubai lol. cant wait for the next posts!

  9. Am so so so jalouse ! :s !

  10. Looks like fun πŸ˜€

  11. thank you ansam .. walla 7adna estanasna ma3ach !

  12. Well it looks like a nice trip to Dubai.
    I wish you a safe and enjoy trip πŸ™‚

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  14. Ansam we enjoyed the trip to dubai with you, it was our pleasure, you are amazing and sweet person.
    thanks a lot for everything, amazing post

  15. Hahahhaha Ansaam shaklkom emkayfeen 3al akher embayen mashallaaaaaah 3alaikom bel 3afyaaaaa. Shaklha khoosh re7la o khoosh course. Cant wait for more about it πŸ˜€

  16. Wejhat Na'6ar

    shino ray7een yet3almoon Qur’aan ? wela shino ?el7imdelah 3ala ne3mat el3aqil

    • Alla ye3eenik sij sij inna kel wa7ed o wojhat natharah bas enta mashalla wojhat natharek dayman negative! Atmanna tanthor lel 7ayat eb nathra tafaoliya!!!

      BTW, el students bel Kuwait ga3deen ya7thiroon mo7atharaat in GUST and one of which kan fiha 3an Quran wil tajweeed.

      Thani shay, el trip kanat to break out the routine, o kan fi post about visiting art center that you skipped bes akeed you will skip la annik ma tegdar takteb wojhat nathar positive – again alla ye3eenik 3ala your negativity

      Thalithan o akheeran, el trip kanat wanasa thats our reason… lots of family members accompanied us.. lots of very well educated mentors were there… bes again, hathy “Wejhat natharik” o a7termha bas killish ma attifiq ma3aak fiha

      I hope you can one day look at life in a brighter way and inshalla wojhat natharik taglob positive and you see the good things rather than your not so constructive criticism

  17. Wejhat Na'6ar

    EEH 9ij 9ij allah e3eenii madaam chethee tafkerkum 9ij allah e3eenii o yaa raab allah e3eenii 3alla 6ool, mabii a6aweel elkalaam ena adree law bentkalam mara7 enkhali9 oo mara7 no9al lenateeja yaa ansaam. bs i just have one tiny point eshloun tajweed qor’aan oo 6ay7elaa tesherbik oo a’3anii bil bus laa oo shabab oo banat oo akher shaii etgoleli tajweed o qur’an, ana maa ashakik ba7ad oo a9lan mino ana 3ashan ashakik bs ya3niii yaa 7aar 7aar yaa bard bard may9eer shal tanagoo’6 ba3ad walla 9ij kalemnii man6eg. el ghala6 bengol ghala6 oo e9a7 bengol sa7.

    thanii shaii, Art Center kaan wayid 7ilo 9ara7aa oo momtee3 fee nafs elwagt, ya3nii madree shagoolich walla 9ij madree, sawaiteha you skipped oo madre shino. kila cham 9ora oo cham design o yallah faman allah kathaitaw experience el7een min el art center!!! 7ilooooo

    walla maa wedii agool kalam wayid e7teramaan elii bel e9war oo 7agich. bs hatha deeena o hatha tafkerii oo 9ij allah e3eenii ena hal ziiman kilshaii engalab elii yegolkum hatha ghala6 el deen maygol chethe etgolon 3anah “em3aqaad” oo “salbii”.
    walla ena adre hal kalam mara7 e’3ayer walh shaii bs 7abait agolah o 9adgenii hathe mo wejhat na’6ar hatha deena egool chethe.

    el7imdelah 3alla ne3mat el3aqel wenshalah allah etameem 3allaiii el 3aqliya el “em3aqida”. wenshalah allah ewafgich.

    faman allah.

    • enta dowak el tark… wel samt ablagh min el kalaam la annik insaan et7eb etnabbir wedawir mashaakil waana mo fathyatlik πŸ™‚ I will approve your comments though so others can read your “WIJHAT NATHAR” – Have a nice life πŸ˜‰

  18. hehehehehe “shar il baleyaty mayuth7ik” ana tawny agra hal ta3leeq.. laaaa 9aaraaa7a inta ili yabeelik sharbuka 3ala hal kalam .. 3afwan shino marji3ik yezak allah khaair ,, shaklik khayes b hal 7ar oo widik tsafer oo mu 7a9ilik oo ba66aly min diwaniya lai dewaniya shmiitnik mjabil hal internet 9ayerly mufty il deyar .. ay e7teraam “intaa misa7t li7teraaam bil arth” ehehehe ya3ni al7een lamma ettekallam b hal isloob akh “wijhat” te3teqed inik b taqni3 a7ad itha 9ij kanat niyetik il iqna3! ,, ana agoolik istereeeeeeeeee7 wild 3aamy wathi7 inik min hal noo3 chood testaw3ib kalamy πŸ˜›

  19. nisait agolik shay akh “wijhat” ana ashfiq 3alaik πŸ™‚

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