Tooma’s Birthday Cake

One of my readers sent me a picture of her birthday cake. It is made in Sugar & Spice but the cake idea was made in such a way that shows her love for Napket and its frozen icy yogurts by her friends 😉

Happy Birthday Tooma 😉

18 responses to “Tooma’s Birthday Cake

  1. wow !! 3ajeeba
    3laiha bel.3afyah o Happy B-Day 2 her

  2. 7adaa woow elfekra 3ajebaa am found of napket icy yougart 🙂

  3. Thaaaaaaank u Ansam for posting my best friend’s Birthday Cake!
    luv u Toma ;**

  4. Lovely!
    Happy birthday to her! 😀

  5. Is that cake surrounded by Frozen Yogurt?!

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Toma ,,

    She is my dear friend, she is as sweet as her cake.

    Love her and i really loved the cake.. so yummmmmmyyyy.

  7. mabroook to tooma 🙂 cake also has spice hmm never knew that.

  8. Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY 9erTy mashhooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa allaaaaaah lool ;*
    happy birthday again ;****
    thanks ansam 😉

  9. Oooh Thats sooooo cool !! and am sure Sooooo Yummy as well , i Love their brownies ! one of the best ,, Happy Bday to her ;*

  10. Very creative. Didn’t think someone would love Napket that much.

  11. oh I love it! Sugar & Spice have come along way…their cakes decorating has become much better …its soo cute! oo Khosh da3aya 7ag Napket ;P

  12. wow very nice mashalla:D

  13. woow tshaweq 7adha !

  14. شكلها عجيب 🙂

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