Funny Sign!

I have no idea if I have ever posted about this before (cuz I did on facebook) but I find this sign really funny!!

Its a sign showing the “Emergency Assembly Point” and every time I see it, I imagine people gathering at this point to check whats going on – a gathering point… do you know what I mean? 😛

11 responses to “Funny Sign!

  1. Ansam,these signs are very important in identifying safety areas where persons should assemble in the event of an emergency like fire.It maybe funny to translate literally but it is very crucial for establishments with significant number of people since this will serve as evacuation guide in case of emergency.I’ve seen a sign like this in the Avenues Mall.In military bases here in Kuwait,these signs are common since it is mandatory in their safety program.

    • I am not against the signs! I find them funny looking… specially with people gathering at one point like that as if they wanna check whats going on you know 😉 This one was taken at The Avenues… and I have another one from my Dubai trip hehehe

  2. Heheheh Ansam fe wa7da chethy bl kolleya
    gabel kel ma amer ymha ath7k ashwa fe a7ad mthly

  3. You’re thinking of “Public Audience Gathering Point” 😛

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