Off To Dubai With The Proteges

I’m off to Dubai on a trip with The Proteges 🙂 They were kind enough to invite me to go with them and cover the event/trip on my blog… so hopefully I will be coming back with lots of pictures to share 😉

Until then… Enjoy the few post I have prepared for this long weekend 😉

12 responses to “Off To Dubai With The Proteges

  1. Enjoy it:)
    ma taboni ma3akom :>

  2. E wallah enjoy it.
    Have a safe flight you all! ;*

  3. Have fun sweetie!

  4. blsalamaaa
    have fun;)

  5. تروحون وتردون بالسلامه 🙂

  6. maa alf salamh o rebi yahfethch

  7. have fun!!

  8. enjoooooooy o belsalamah insha allah 😀

  9. Have fun and enjoy

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  11. Thanks all 🙂 It was so much fun 😀

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