BMW – Service

I am usually satisfied with the service center at BMW. I keep hearing people complaining about it non-stop, but I was never faced with any serious issues with them – Thank God 😉

Well… except for the last time I was there!! They usually call me from a “Dubai” number and do a mini survey on the service and get my feedback, but unfortunately not this time!!

I took my car for service after some warning sign that came on a couple of times + oil and filter change. When I got my car back it wasnt clean! There wasnt any nylon sear cover, not their usual cleaning from the inside out!!

Usually, when I pick up my car after a service its cleaner and with paper mats! But not this time :-/

The windows were dirty actually, which was kind of upsetting! Specially when I am used to the opposite!!!

What went wrong BMW?

43 responses to “BMW – Service

  1. Most dealers here are terrible. They go through spells of good times, only to go back a step. Their surveys are useless if they don’t change things. I’m having a battle with Volvo this week!

    I do hear good things about the Toyota garage, but not from personal experience.

    • I had a Lexus before and they were awesome, so I am assuming Toyota are as good! Always quick, precise, prompt, and I never had serious problems with them… not that I had any with BMW 😉

  2. They always leave me 10 files loool i dunno why

  3. Not all warning signs on a BMW are entirely true, its the computer acting up 95% of the time, maybe because of the heat or these cars cant handle this country.

    Same with me in terms of how clean the car is when i get it, i actually got another scratch on the car from them in the service >.<.

    I just went up to the managers and had a civilized talk :D, after that those service men knew how to treat the car, only way i guess.

  4. tarsheed …. thanks for reminding me to drop my car fil service

  5. شهل الدلع علشان ما نظفو سيارتج وغطوا الكشنج بنايلون زعلتي ولقيتي الدرايش وصخه عندكم واحد سائق ينظف بيتكم تعطونه معاش شالفايده منه ؟؟؟؟
    ترا شفيكم صاير فيكم دلع زياده على اللزوم

    • أول شي من قال انه دلع!!! أنا قلت ان الوكالة دايما يردون السيارة نظيفة بس هالمرة ردوها وصخة يعني بالفصيح وصوخوها لي وانا متعودة على نظافتهم

      ثانيا لما يغطون الكشن بالنايلون معناته ان الوصخ اللي بهدومهم من الكراج
      ما يدمر سيارتي

      شكلها النظافة ما تهمك

    • brownsuger

      ياحبيبي اهي ماتدلع واذا تدلعت يحق لها تدلع

  6. even though i took my beemer only once to the dealer i think they are good and they did call me from Dubai. I hope i still get the same quality 🙂

  7. LMFAO lol , ee walla saj, sayreen de3la e7na, bas kuwaitiyeen mamina fod ;p

    • To you and LMFAO! In marketing there is something called CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and yes cleanliness and hygiene are things I care about but apparently you two think its irrelevant and just shows how spoiled I am when this isnt the issue discussed… specially when I am used to a certain standard and then this standard goes below!!!! God!!

  8. No wonder my hands get oily/dirty when I shake hands with other people if cleanness is not improtant to them!!!!

  9. nevermind, delete my comment

  10. Agreed !! Madry shfeehum a5ir marra the service was really bad !!

  11. Cleanliness and to have my car washed and tabrig whenever I take it from elwekala is something I’m used to and won’t accept anything less. You have to hold them to ur standards, coz as u know not all people care to have clean cars.. Methal: lathnaina ely egolon elnethafa dala3 :p

    • I know! Madry laish they leave such comments!!! I care so much about nathafa! 3ala aqal yeridoonha li eb nafs el 7ala elly 3a6ait-hom eyaha! mo yewaskhoon li el jaaam!!!

  12. I actually had a similar experience at Infiniti recently. I haven’t a single complaint about Infiniti, love my car, super happy with them and their service.

    Last time however, I got my car back with pebbles in between the seats, dirty mats, and scratches on the car.

    I didn’t need to raise too much noise, they quickly gave my car a polish to remove scratches, spit shined the inside, and shampooed the mats.

    Poo service experience, great service recovery.

    It’s traumatic for a customer when brands raise service expectations and then deliver less.

    Consistency is key.

    I imagine there’s a legit reason, too many customers? The service folks travel in the summer back home so maybe a lack of staff?

    Hard luck Ansam :]~

  13. Worst dealership in Kuwait (IMO) is Range Rover Al Ghanim…horrible service/insanely overpriced everything thats disproportional to what they did. Sold my car and never going to buy from Al Ghanim dealership again.

  14. Soo true! Range dealers is bad!!

  15. bm zwain bas 7ag a luxury car you expect more 5a9atan ena aqal service 40 kd … elmohem the best service is toyota sare3een o sheqhelhom tamam…

    • bethab6! I like AlSayer garage… my previous car was from them and they were super fast and very clean… they dont steal from my car wala fils 7etta hahaha

  16. اختي انسام ترا انا اعرف الشغلات الي تقولين عنها وانا ريال اشتغل بشركه خاصه بس انتي ما تعطين الناس الي يشتغلون فرصه وثانيا العيب منج ما سويتي شي لانج حده مالج خلق تقولينهم ليش ما نظفتوا السياره وثاني شي انا مسلم انظف مني ماكو 🙂 يا اختي

  17. شفيج زعلتي على المعلقين !!
    اهم ابدوا اعتراضهم على المقاييس اللي انتي متبعتها وهذا عند اغلب الناس دلع لان ببساطة ماكو وكالة نظيفة فلازم الواحد ينظف السيارة بمعرفته وبالمكان اللي يثق بنظافته ان كان سايق البيت او محطة غسيل , فسالفة انه الوكالة مو زينة لان السيارة وسخة هذا مو تقييم !! فليش شبيتي على الاوادم ؟ وبصراحة انا اشوف تعليقهم يدل على حرصهم الزائد اكثر منج على النظافة لانهم يتبعون مقاييس اعلى والدليل ما يثقون بنظافة الوكالة ويعطون المهمة للمختص
    مالي داعي تهاجمين الناس لمجرد ان مقاييسهم غير مقاييسج

  18. yep , i complain alot from alghanim , i take my car to a near garage n they take more care of my car than alghanim and its cheaper

  19. You have to go there and argue with them if you want a better service

  20. أنسام والله يبا زين خلصنا من البلع والهديا اللي حيل يدقفسونج فيها الحين يا دور شركات السيارات يبا خلاص بكلم لج محمد الغانم وبقوله نظفوا سيارة أنسام والا ماراح تذوقك بريد (آيس كريم)مال نابكت ولا تنسين بعد محلات الأزياء والجواتي

  21. Please contact bmw showroom manager and discuss your issue with him 😉

  22. LAMFAO, 123, Husam, me… PPL you’re loosing the point!
    eli ga3da etgoola ansam abadan la yamoot be9ela ela elcomments weta3leeqat eli ga3deen etlifoon wedoroon 7awalaiha!
    kil eli ga3da tgoola anasam ena ,lil assaf, BMW standard ena’6afa 3ndihom nizal 3n mostawa BMW eli 3awedaw their customers 3alaiha.. noq6a wentaha elmaw’6oo3!
    plzz 5al nerteqy eb 7iwaratna instead of drifting away 3n elmaw’6oo3 era2eesy .

    • ana qarrart a7gerhom le anna al samt ablagh min al kalaam o ohma shakelhom bas yayeen beyet-hawishoon and I am not in state of mind for that! But really thank you so much…. this is exactly why I wrote this post! My car wasnt even returned in the state I handed it – it was DIRTIER – which is UNACCEPTABLE!

  23. “Usually, when I pick up my car after a service its cleaner and with paper mats! But not this time :-/”

    Guys, the keyword here is “usually”

    If you are used to something and you don’t get it then you would also be mystified. I believe there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re a paying customer.

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