Pinkberry’s New Flavor

My friend, Shayma – a pinkberry/Napket Icy Yogurt addict, got us home-delivered Pinkberry new flavor; passion fruit and coconut swirl! I actually let her do the talking and ordering, trusting her taste and all…. and I am glad I did ❤

YUMMMMM! That was my dinner ladies and gentlemen! SO GOOD 😀 – As Shayma described it; a tropical pina colada kinda drink 😉 Very summery and very refreshing!

But I miss Ansam Yogurt :-S Its been a while since I last had one, but my friend Salem (my favorite Icy Yogurt Fan) is keeping me posted with creative pictures 😉

I am collecting pictures of all the Ansam Icy Yogurt ordered by others and sent to me via Twitter, Facebook Page, email, iPhone, MMS, BBM… you name it! I have 60+ pictures so far that I will be sharing with you when the promotion ends 😉 So stay tuned 😉

19 responses to “Pinkberry’s New Flavor

  1. OMG!! u wont believe i was about to post a post asking when will they bring out Watermelon, Coconut, Passionfruit flavors to kuwait!!
    Sounds like you have got something interesting for all of us 🙂

  2. i wish they keep things simple … like passion fruit with no coconut..

  3. Love your diet I’m going to try it :OD

  4. How can we get home-delivered PinkBerry? Do they deliver themselves? Do they have a number??? :-P~

  5. Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I love both coconut and passion fruit!!
    Have to try it.

    bil3aafya dear 😀

  6. I had an Ansam icy yogurt and took a picture of it… should I send it? :p

    it was really really good by the way 😀

  7. Tomorrow is a new day , more yogurts which means new pictures ansam 😛

  8. @q8travelbud – you CAN get passionfruit with no coconut.

  9. Yes, true 😉 I like the combo though! It was recommended by my friend

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