iPad – Want OR Need?

I passed by my co-workers office… he was happy with his new toy, the iPad… which raised the question again to me, do I want an iPad or do I need an iPad?

I love it.. and I have fun browsing the net with it, but tell me about you… is it a WANT or a NEED?

34 responses to “iPad – Want OR Need?

  1. Humm..I don’t think it is anybody’s need but it sure is a want to so many.

  2. i thought i ‘needed’ the iphone :p but i played with the apps for a week or two and then got bored :p

  3. Yeah, it’s not a need nor want!!
    it’s crazy around here..
    They buy things just to have them! Or to say so
    Like “kel sheghli apple” guy
    real stupid with all respect πŸ™‚

  4. For me, it is something I need.
    It makes a whole lot of the stuff I work on easier, provides me with so many things that I use on daily basis.

  5. obviously a want πŸ™‚

  6. It’s both Ansam and you know it! Just go ahead and buy one trust me:)

  7. i feel it is a good screen for reading books just like kindle

  8. looll!!!
    its great!
    but i don’t think its a need ;p
    a desire prolly ;p
    but beyond that..
    u can make do with a laptop and a ipod touch ;p

  9. roqaia alahmad

    me too i love it but ofcourse i need it …. it is awsome….

  10. roqaia alahmad

    its better then kindle..

  11. for me , its started with i want ! and ended with i really need it ! after using it

  12. i do have one.. its a want .. not a need!

  13. All of Apple products are “WANT”

    You can get products that are similar to apples with less money, from laptops to mp3 players.

    bas apple 3alaihom 7arakat oo marketing 3ajeeb t5ali elwa7d ayeen :p

  14. WANT…. on the other hand i do need it!

  15. WANT.

    No one can convince me its need.

  16. It’s ‘want’ now and will become ‘need’ after you buy it and start using it.

  17. Its A Want.

  18. i thought i needed it, until i bought it and realized it was just a want, i just use it for books, tv shows, movies, BLOGS!, and some fun apps.
    HOWEVER, its perfect for traveling, i went to London and this thing kept me entertained the whole time.

  19. It”s WANTand i think i will convert my WANT into need sooner or later.

  20. its the only apple product that you don’t need but want ;p

    read magazines “up to date”
    read books “with less storage space”
    watch ur fav tv shows at the gym / airport / whatever

  21. WANT!
    when the ipad first dropped i was like “what kind of stupid idiot would buy this??” … now i kinda want one πŸ˜€

  22. Need. Love. Can’t live without ! Been an Apple gal since it was an ugly box a million years ago.

  23. it’s both trust me πŸ˜›

  24. Definitely a want ! if you have an Iphone and a MacBook why would you ever need an Ipad ? now kids are begging their parents to get one ! I might get one for my daughter next year when she’s old enough ! but not for me though !

  25. its a WANT my dear JUST WANT
    but even,,i loveee itt

  26. Cool! Interesting feedback… I need to want it OR want to need it hahahaha

  27. Well…. the way i see it…

    You get to read books on it (the best eReader out there)..

    You get use it at work (check emails, follow up on issues, take notes specially during meetings) no more paper… iphone would do the same But, tiny screen compared to the ipad..

    and last but not least,,, you get to play Angry birds on high definition ;-P

  28. It’s a need and makes you get rid of carrying ur laptop everywhere (not to mention, the loo) πŸ™‚
    Helps you while you are running in and out of meetings !!! Did I mention the html5 fix ??? Stream your favorite shows ! Play your favorite games ! Map your brain thoughts ! Schedule your next task ! Watch HD trailers ! Access your desktop remotely from anywhere in the world ! Map your processes ! Plan and track projects ! edit pics ! Use it as a universal remote ! VOIP calls ! Read your favorite magazines ! Flourish your inner artist with apps like Sketches 2 ! All this and more !!! For FREE (once you Jailbreak yours) πŸ™‚

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