Aziz Rants Are Back :-D


LOL gotta love this guy! Very unique 😉 I’d drop everything and go with him to the coop (Jam3iya) too! LOL

Congratulations Aziz 😀 So happy for you!


38 responses to “Aziz Rants Are Back :-D

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  3. he’s amazing!

  4. a7la shay el5dama belmw’9o3

  5. Looool!! he’s funny..
    acts a bit gay though

  6. loving the guest appearance:D

  7. Totally agree with summer , he needs to work on his accent lol , he’s funny though

  8. والله أحس فيه شي بمخه والله مو طبيعي الولد صدقيني لو يشوفونه دكاترته يقولون يبيله علاج 🙂

    الله يعينه ترا أمره غريب يقعد ويصور ويسولف مع نفسه خنَت حيلي هالولد 🙂

    • لاااااا حرام عليك
      ترى خفيف طينة و طبيعي حده و وايد أحسن من الميانيين اللي بعمره

  9. hahahhahha so funnyyy sij qamtaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    congratulations aziz !

  10. Abu Flan; laish el qala6 3ala el walad, laho thaam a7ad wala em’athy khalg allah.. she7lila elwalad 3inda wejhat nathar bas ga3ed ebayenha besloob 7ilo .. wenshalla lah kel etwafeeg mn rabi

    s.. qamtaa mn yaqmit 3ala el galb, ya3ni shay ethayeg el kholg mozain ;p

    • I know 7araam el walad maskeen ga3d yetsarraf 6abi3i o acting his age!!! Bele3ax mo emathy a7ad ohwa emwanisna ib his videos!!!!

  11. الطيب والعود

    امبية فليم

  12. Hilarioussss :p

  13. Comments2Comments

    Hey I think he’s really funny. I do agree he sounds and acts a bit gay but who cares if he is.

  14. Hid great, come on guys stop saying his … and his .., his still young and happy 😀

  15. His great, come on guys stop saying his … and his .., his still young and happy 😀

  16. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    love u aziz wayed;pPp

  17. banat intaw ma etla7’6oon hal shaii yumkin aww 3endkum ena 3adii bs 9ijj ehoo na3iim lama yetkalam oo ehoo funny ib nafs elwagt 😉

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