Another Taw9eel & Twitter Post!

Taw9eel is one of those companies that interact with its customers through their Twitter Account!

By following them you get (and NOT win) goodies… such as today! They asked simple question about work/weather and for those who interacted with them… Taw9eel sent LOADS of ice cream!!!

I was one of those lucky followers today and got so much ice cream that it didnt just make me happy, but everyone on my floor at work… it was such a mood switch and mood boost for all of us! As if they knew I love ice cream SO SO MUCH (link)

Thank you Taw9eel ❤ ❤ ❤

To read about my first Taw9eel/Twitter incident, click here!

11 responses to “Another Taw9eel & Twitter Post!

  1. 3alaikom bel-3afiah 🙂

  2. ذاك اليوم شفته بالجريده شوقني

    هالايام احنا هابين نروح الجمعيه ونرس العربانه كلها كي دي دي

    حق المتن 😦


  3. waaay me 2 🙂 they made my made walah

  4. wain barrid sandaweech? why has it disappeared!

  5. peace : sandaweech maq6ooo3 mn elshareka 🙂

    ansam 3aleech bel3afya, me 2 thaba6naaa

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