Kanafani’s Cheesecake

My friend dropped by our house yesterday and got us Kanafani’s new dessert item, the cheesecake!

I think its creative, and it took the Kanafa and Cheesecake to another level! Did anyone try it? I didnt get to try it!

To order from Kanafani, call 1800555

Also find Kanafani different menus on KTPD here & here!

30 responses to “Kanafani’s Cheesecake

  1. OMG, looks like a killer, should give it a try!!!

  2. I dont think it would taste very good

  3. allah *drooling*
    bel3afya inshallah:)

  4. شكلها ما يشجع

  5. smart idea … need to work on presentation …

  6. hehehe!!
    i read u were on ure diet ;p
    after those cupcakes ;p
    that looks like heavenn!!!
    the only thing better than kenafa..
    is more kenafa ;p

    • LOL I am on a diet, but not a very strict one 😛 hehehe la walla I didnt eat from this cheesecake 😉 I was strong to resist a small bite 7etta

  7. Hart Attack

  8. allah fanateq 7ag rmo’9an

  9. I gained 2 pounds just looking at it:p

  10. sara7aa i just ordered it shaiiiiii `7ayaaaaal
    bas i thought it was hot bas its cold i think feha ice-cream lat6oofkm

  11. Must try this! this is genius…

  12. wow.. Kanafa and Cheesecake ..the combo of two awesomeness!! i have had something like this in Safir International Hotel that included pistachio’s as well..tasted really yummmmm!!!

  13. I agree with Kuwait Science :/

  14. Q80 In Denver

    Kanafani .. Great Ideas , Mediocre Execution!

    Kanafa Tejariya Ba7ta :/ there is no soul and passion on making each kanafa ..

    Eating REAL kanafa means going to one of these 2

    el 6aybawy or Al-Aqsa 🙂

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