How is it humanly possible to get in your car when some idiot park THIS CLOSE to you!!!

You go to the passenger side and jump over to the driver’s seat of course! Hmph!

27 responses to “No-No!

  1. غباء وحقارة وعذرا على الكلمة الثالثة

    ياية من كلمة حيوان

    هالاشكال مال تفشش التواير

  2. Looool!! People are selfish!

  3. This is what you get when you eat all the cupcakes yourself! 😛

  4. Some people are seriously inconsiderate. I’d be furious if it was me. I hope one day people will be civilized and think of others.

  5. LooooL…Really selfish .. No thinking.
    It happened to me when was 18 and when I got my licenses.
    I was found a driver to get out my he’s thinner than me 🙂 .

  6. Honestly I wouldn’t have hopes for people that don’t know how to park between two lines……..

    I have always seen it to be the easiest task in driving….”No wonder we have a lot of accidents in streets”

  7. wayed 9arat feeni o methel ma qeltay jump chennah ma77ad shayef LOOOOOL

  8. That happened to me a lot back in college
    there are lots of idiots around

  9. same thing happened to me yesterday in 360 😦 , i forgot to take a picture. and he did not park straight , he parked his car tilted to the left which was even harder for me to get my car out of the parking grrrr and his car was a huge pickup

  10. when this happens to me I slam my car’s door inot his car :p whatch out when u park next to me;p

  11. اففففففففف اكره شي عندي هالحركة
    وخاصة وقت الجامعه

  12. اكو واحد دايما ايي يصفط في ديوانية في فريجنا، ودايما ياخذ نص الشارع ما جنه اكو ناس ساكنين حوالي دوانية الي رايح لهم
    فمرة كنت راجعة البيت وتعبااااااااااااااانة ومن سيارته ما قدر اطوف بسيارتي عشان ادخل فريجنا
    وكنت جد جد طول اليوم اجتماعات فحدي تعبانة
    لازم الف شارع طويل لو بروح من الصوب الثاني
    جان افتح مذكرتي واخذ ورقة وكتبت له،
    كنت اتمنى لو انك صافط عدل، لاني صج تعبااااااااانة وماقدر اوصل بيتنا واضطريت الف المنطقة كلها، شكرا لك

    عقبها لي يومك واهوا ماشالله صفطته مضبوطه لازق بالرصييييييف وكل ما اشوفها اضحك مع نفسي

    Jad mu 7ilw hal mw8f w wayd y9eer bs makw 7al 😛

    • Our neighbors sometimes have visitors and they BLOCK our parking so we cannot go out and we have to figure out which car belongs to what house its frustrating

  13. always park in reverse, and say thanks God tail light of ur bmw is save.

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