The Proteges – The Studio

In continuation to their previous music lecture,The Proteges spent last night recording a song in Romco Studios in Hawalli.

They were having so much fun, and so did I! This time I got to talk with them about many things and they were all so nice. Very interesting group and awesome mentors. The song they recorded was about Kuwait. I will be posting more pictures once I get them in a future post! So, until then 😉

5 responses to “The Proteges – The Studio

  1. This is so awesome! And I’m loving that you’re reviewing events from this amazing program! Wishing them all the best 🙂

  2. It was a one life experience recording the song, and it was so so so much fun.
    and you were amazing and so nice.
    Thank you ansam for the review we hope that we’ll see you more aften.
    p.s: im one of the proteges 😉

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