Wonderful Day @ Baking Tray

Earlier yesterday, a friend of mine wanted to meet me for lunch break at Arraya Center, but it was just a hassle for me to drive, look for a parking, and plus the break time wont allow for all that… So I went to Baking Tray, ordered Chicken Semolina and went back to my office… half way through my sandwich, one of my coworkers called me to meet at Baking Tray… I told her I already have my food in front of me… shes like bring it along with you… and thats what I did, I wrapped up whats left  of the sandwich, and headed back to the Baking Tray… why am I telling you all this? I want you to get a feel of what led one thing to another in this eventful day!

I was sitting on a chair facing the door, I spotted Ms Safa AlHashim, a very well known Kuwaiti business woman in the private sector who is also very active, coming in. She is so friendly and her presence spread positive vibes, as she approached our table, I was smiling… cuz I recognized her, she smiled back and said hello. A couple of my coworkers asked who she was cuz her face is familiar, and I was like yes, from the newspaper 😉

Shortly after two black cars with diplomatic number plates parked outside, I look out the glass walls of Baking Tray and I see H.E. the US Ambassador in Kuwait Ms. Deborah Jones. Some of my coworkers didnt know who she was, but I knew… since I have seen here before… As a matter of fact, I do see her a lot and shes so friendly. I saw her at some store openings, mainly AlShaya’s, and I saw her once at the Early Bird, some weddings too… she always comes in with huge smile and she says hello to everyone… and she did this time too.. She was meeting Ms. Safa AlHashim for lunch 😉

She came in, she goes “Hi everyone” and I spontaneously say “Hi… whats up?” I have no idea why LOL… so she stops next to me and asks.. “What are you girls eating, what do you recommend?” So I go on and on about the food… I tell them about the dates and harda cookies, which is something that got their attention and then we move to their display of sandwiches and I go “I tried all of their sandwiches” And Ms. Safa goes “Are you Ansam518?” and with a huge smile, and I mean a very big fat HUGE smile, I say “YES!” 😀

I cannot tell you how happy I was about this recognition! She did not just say that… she went on and on about my blog! She tells me that they decided to have lunch at the Baking Tray because of my posts about this place (AND YES! THAT MAKES ME FEEL HONORED – honestly). She throws words of encouragements and I seriously wanted to hug them both from the excitement! She goes “I know  you are a frozen yogurt addict too?” I say “Yes I am, I got a yogurt named after me” She goes, “I know!” And H.E. asks “518 Yogurt?” I tell her “No Ansam Yogurt” but its enough that I am recognized by the digits 518! They told me they were going to try it soon! So yeah… the highlight of my day… if not my week , or even MONTH! So here is a picture of me with the ladies… awesome fabulous ladies 😉

So Ms. Safa AlHashim asked if I recognized her, and I go “Of course, I do.. you’re Safa AlHashim” 🙂 I wish I had more time to talk to her since she is someone I admire! Someone I would love to talk to and learn from.

Ahhhh what a wonderful day at the Baking Tray!

41 responses to “Wonderful Day @ Baking Tray

  1. So happy for you ANSAM 😉 you look amazing in the picture :p

  2. dear Ansam…your blog’s endoresement of Baking tray was spot on , great food,great setting,and friendly clientele…
    it was a great pleasure meeting for both of us…keep blogging…it felt great to see great entrepreneurs like Nasser Almukhazeem transform their visions into profitable reality…good luck to all

  3. girl, boy arent u lucky 😛 😀


  4. Don’t underestimate your blog 🙂

    And I’m willing to bet that your real smile was even bigger than that smiley! 😉

  5. I saw the black GMC flashing there at 2pm from the office and wondered what was going on…a meeting of great minds I presume 🙂 Glad you had a good day.

  6. 6aaaa66 6aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa6 !!! 3ashaaw!

  7. Sounds like the perfect lunch! Lovely pic. 🙂

    I didn’t know that Ansam frozen yogurt was named after you. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking forward to it.

  8. now tha’s a WOW!!!

  9. wanasa Ansam
    am sooo happy for u sis

    i agree with hmoud , you look beautiful ;p

  10. I love baking tray!! the food is amazing over there!!

  11. u deserve this and more! Cheers to u! * toasts the glass of OJ in the air!

  12. aaaawww, look at u with that huge grin ;P Happy for ya, keep the good posts comin 🙂

  13. That’s cool 😀

  14. Hi sweety I really liked ur blog and I admire ur up front way of expressing yourself wich u all the luck
    Would u b so sweet and recommand a resto 4 my hobby’s birthday mille merci

    • Thank you for dropping by 😀 What kind of restaurants do you guys like? I would recommend the Meat Co in 360 Mall where they can sing Happy Birthday with their instruments and sing in African 🙂 I love it there

  15. What a wonderful day. You are one lucky girl.

  16. I have a crush on Safa alhashim, e7em, lol
    luckyy you..

  17. Glad you had a wonderful day Ansam 🙂
    I read the post through my phone and decided to through a word to this post. Seriously, the way of narrating the consequences of the events is really amazing. Yet, was great to know our colleague readers of your blog were (Ms. Safa & the American Ambassador Ms. Deborah) .
    I’m very proud , I’m one of your readers .
    All the best girl.

  18. the us ambassador is cool. i saw her a few times munching on sliders at slider station when it was packed and she never made a scene like other vips do.

  19. I got a picture with both of them too!! tntrrrnrnrn *dances*

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  22. so you met safa el hashem chinech emsalma 3ala ma7mod 7aidar afterall they’re like one person he’s supporting her

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