Oishii Sushi Burger Cravings!

Ever since I read someCONTRAST’s post about Oishii‘s Sushi Burger I have been craving it like crazy! I have been dreaming about it day and night… and yes! I’ve had it before (link)…. so yeah, I called them up and asked them to prepare me two orders (5 pieces each) for pick up! I got in and I started snapping away….

By the time I got there, they were preparing the burger patties and rice buns…

The sweet potato chips <3!

My oh my! I love this creation… the ingredients compliment each other really well 😉

I was eating while they were preparing… the chips first, and then the burgers… so instead of delivering 10 pieces home, I went back with only… ahem… seven 😛

Price tag? KD3 per order!

Oishii Sushi is located in AlShaab, Ibn Alkhateeb St. Their tel # is 22644440


14 responses to “Oishii Sushi Burger Cravings!

  1. I love them and I tried it once Kuwait Black Market posted about them! very yummy and delicious 🙂


  2. emjarba this burger eb yam3a … moo 9ejjjj! yawa3teenna ya Ansaam

  3. i love the look of sushi on my plate.. *is getting hungry* 😛 lol


  4. BTW Oishii means delicious in Japanese

  5. من زمان بخاطري اجربه وايد يمدحونه

    بالعافيه 🙂

  6. may i know what’s the name of this meal???

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