Zadig et Voltaire

Zadig et Voltaire, a French brand, opened in Kuwait last Thursday in the Avenues Mall.

Light summer tweed jacket, with destroyed frayed edges for the subtle Zadig Rock attitude

Romantic dress lined with sparkling beads, for this French bohème look that feels so good during Summer!

A belt with cones studs, to zest it up just a little

A bling-bling sequins covered jacket (King of Pop, Michael Jackson, would have loved it!)

To be worn, just for the fun of mix-and-matching, with wrap-over kaki pants!

72-hours vintage leatherbag, as if going away for the weekend!

Zadig et Voltaire will be in the Avenues Phase II and their Tel # is 22597045

Thanks Marianne Tollié 😉

One response to “Zadig et Voltaire

  1. I like the pant’s design and the color too

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