Google Translate – Racist?

I received an email claiming that Google Translate is “Racist” and that if you try to translate the three following Arabic sentence to English

العربي لا يحب السلام (The Arab does not like peace)
الاسرائيلي لا يحب السلام (The Israeli does not like peace)
الصهيوني لا يحب السلام (The Zionist does not like peace)

You will get the following translation in English

Arab does not like the peace

Israel is a peace-loving

The Zionist peace-loving

And just to make sure… I tried it myself:

Lets hope Google fix this soon!!!

Thanks Mimmi 😉

23 responses to “Google Translate – Racist?

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  2. maybe someone contributed a better translation, the question is, does google trust all contributions?

  3. Boycott google

  4. I think it’s a translation error. check this out:

    Kuwait does not love peace

    الفلسطيني لا يحب السلام
    Palestinians are peace-loving

  5. and you will get a correct translation if you added “al-hamza” =)

  6. I think the person who first did this translation has to get an award for the “most jobless person in the world” award. 😀

  7. كلهم في الهوا سوا قوقل أمريكية واسرائيل يهودية 🙂

    والله العرب مساكين قاعدين يديرتهم مايدرون منو طقاقهم ولي الحين يقولون انتوا ماتحبون السلام هههه

    عيل لازم اغزو دولة واسوي فيها مستوطنة واقول انا احب السلام

  8. Ansam try translating AIDS from English to Yiddish.
    Then flip the translation back to English. :p

  9. we can translate words into yiddish?
    where have i been!!!
    anyone know how to speak yiddish? 😀

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  11. You guys should really check things before you believe everything you hear!! I checked and it worked fine!!

  12. 5rabee6 tawa chyakt kila 9a7 o b3den bel 3aqel ehwa program ytrjem 7arf 7arf 3ala 7asab el-maktob ma y36ona order walla etha fe kilmat 3rab aw eslam teqlab el-yes- no wel no- yes ;\

    *before posting this stuff please make sure it’s correct specially about Islamic things

    *ps: mno hal fa’9y ely 7a6 hal jimal o emtrjmha ? @@

    • Again… By the way! I tried it and those are MY printed screens… I contacted google and they fixed it!! So yeah I made sure before I posted those! O please no need for name calling

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