Ad – English Course

Saw this on Feryah! An ad for English Courses and training… so whadya think of it?

If you dont know what “Me English.. Me This?” watch the video below – at time 4:45 😉


18 responses to “Ad – English Course

  1. nice try I like it
    thanx 4 sharing 😉

  2. thanx 4 passing by and sharing

  3. Loool!! nice ad.

  4. hahahaha I LIKE! 🙂

  5. Byebye landaaaaaaan!
    Aaaakh it brings back so many memories!
    “father… father… father. DONKEY. ”
    Ya 7ilwa:)
    Lovely post ansam 😀

  6. lol nice one 😀

  7. LOOOOL I love Bye Bye London

  8. a7la shay the crocodile hand gesture! lol and of course “ALIFANT” = Elephant ;p luv 3bdel7sain, and thats one catchy ad, well done 😉

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