The Proteges – A Taste of Music

I attended one of The Proteges lectures yesterday and had a BLAST! The lecture was about the art of music in general and the art of Kuwaiti music in specific. It was given by Dr. Abdulaziz AlAdwani, a verydear friend, brilliant doctor with a fabulous taste and love for music!

(photo stolen from P0ach :-P)

The lecture started with a brief speech by Dr. AlAdwani and a mini quiz to break the ice. Later on, a video clip about some music notes followed by brain activity responding to music and relaxation. I loved how the students were interacting and discussing the material! They seemed very into it!

Later on, a recorded video interview with Mr. Bader Boresly about music in Kuwait with some videos too were shown to the students! Followed by Sanaa AlKharraz speech, mainly talking about her experience and followed by Q&A with the proteges. Also, Mr. Ghannam AlDaigan was there for the same and so was a folklore band who played some music for the students and audience!

It was a very interesting lecture with great interactive students and audience.. Hats off 🙂 WTG to The Proteges!

For more info, check their website (Link) and join their Facebook group (link)

9 responses to “The Proteges – A Taste of Music

  1. Sheghel 3adil madil wallaah! naby chethee bel Kuwait

  2. and nice smile Dr.

  3. Nice 😀

  4. akhbar 7ilwa ya ansam
    o Dr.abdulaziz metmasik bel turath el kuwaity
    o mo ghareeba 3aleeh lema yetkalam 3an el 6arab …

    minha lil a3la o also el jam3a shakelha kanat 7ilwa ma3a Dr.bader buresly and Sana al kharaz o el 3emlaq Ghanam el dekaan

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