Speak of the Devil

This post is nothing special… really! But I thought it is worth sharing 😉

I was looking for the right spelling for “Quand on parle du loup”  which means “When one speaks of the wolf” and I came across this Wikipedia link for idioms! Its titled “Speak of the devil” and it gives you a list of similar ones around the world in many languages;

  • Arabic: “عمرك طويل”, which translates to “A long life for you (whom we spoke of).”
  • Danish: “Når man taler om solen, så skinner den”, which translates to “When you speak of the sun, it shines.”.
  • Indonesian: “Wah, panjang umur dia” which translates to “A long life for you, whom we spoke of.”
  • Italian: “Parli del diavolo e spuntano le corna”, which translates as “Talk of the Devil and the horns will appear.”


4 responses to “Speak of the Devil

  1. I like the arabic version 🙂 Positive 🙂

  2. oh ba3ad al indonesian nafna 😀

  3. The Italiano was the BEST 😉

  4. In my neck of the woods we say ” Nooru ayisu” which means you’ll live to a 100! 😀

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