Random Thought!

How many hundreds and thousands of people did that “Atlantis” Dolphin kiss by now??! Did he even want to kiss all those people?! Does anyone care about how he feel towards all this !! Talk about animal rights :p”

Rana O. 😉

18 responses to “Random Thought!

  1. لول

    الكل قاعد يدفع 80 دينار عشان يلعب ويا هل دلافين

    ارباح الفندق كله من هل دلافين

    صاجه يارنـا

    ماعليه اذا عرفتي جم شخص ياريت تقولينلنا

  2. I’ve seen some good shots of that dolphine kissing some good looking people 😛

  3. Looool. A7ess. Lay3aa chabdaa wa3liyaa mjbooor wel nass mstansaa

  4. LOOOOL Ansam!!

  5. hehe u know lama kena fe atlantis bahamas mashala 3ala il dolphins ehnak etha u didn’t kiss them or played with them they totally ignore u o ma36onkom waiyh. :p

  6. heheh if i was a dolphin i would want to kiss another cute slippery wet dolphin .. why kiss humans ! let alone that they are the reason your doing this kissing job and being captivated :p lol

  7. i wanna kiss that dolphin :O 😛 XD


  8. sa7 ilsanich ya Ranaa 😉

  9. lo0ol wala had the same thought

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