CHISOU – By Lu’luscious

Walking past Regent St and into Princes St, I was spying on the plates of people sitting outside restaurants. What caught my eye was a tiny place that served Sushi, it looked good and fresh, so I decided to meet a friend there.

We ordered Sashimi Salad, which was really delicious, except for the bitter avocado’s but I can’t complain it was all gone.

Then came the Chicken Yakitori, it was below average, the chicken was under cooked!

Spicy Saki Maki (Salmon and Green Chilli with Crispy inside) it was the best + Spider Roll (it was Crunchy and had a weird texture, Deep fried soft shell crab ) + Ebi TP Roll (shrimp, avocado and crispy) + Tiger Roll (it was a Maki Roll but each Sushi lined either with Avocado on top or Shrimp, hence giving it the look of the Tiger)

Spicy Ebi with Rice and lettuce, this was a nice dish that is similar to the spicy rock shrimp you find in other restaurants)

What was funny that made the restaurant so Japanese was the typo in the “Appertiser” page lol

Also I loved the sign where they let people know that Chisou only uses “not endangered fish such as Yellow Fin Tuna for its Sushi and Sashimi”

Chisou is located 4 Princes St. London W1B 2LE and their tel # is 020 7629 3931/5255


Lu’luscious – 518 UK

2 responses to “CHISOU – By Lu’luscious

  1. the spicy ebi shakla yummmy.
    Luluscioius! I love ur review 😀

  2. Hi Sophie, Thanks so much, glad u liked it 🙂

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