Prisoner Refuses to Leave Jail

A Jordianian prisoner refuses to leave jail until after the Wolrd Cup 2010! The prisoner asked his father to delay all procedures for him to leave prison. Apparently he wants to benefit from the free viewing of the World Cup offered in prison! Funny!


12 responses to “Prisoner Refuses to Leave Jail

  1. hehehehe..,he want to watch the whole world cup 😛
    thanx for the post 😉

  2. I went again and had Ansam’s frozen yogurt at Napket yesterday.. I can’t get enough of it! love it!

  3. heheheh lol min galb 😛

  4. 7araam kisar kha6rey

  5. LOOOOL 6emasha

  6. aaaaa5 yalikuwait 3amar walla 7atta sejnech 7elo 🙂

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