My friend, Lu’luscious, is currently living in London and she will be sending me updates with regards to restaurants, events, shopping… you name it 😉 She will be sending us a cup of London love between now and then 😉 So welcome her to Five One Eight and stay tuned 😉

16 responses to “Lu’luscious


  2. a warm welcome goes to “lu’luscious ”
    loved the name and i’m judging the book by it’s cover so a7is ena her posts ebya3jebooni ;p

  3. Sorry ansam but this is a stupid idea. I love your blog. I come here to find new things YOU tried. New things mostly in Kuwait. Shako london belmawtho3. i don’t see the point of this. or is it just for the sake of updating your blog?

    • I am sorry you feel this way.. I wont change my mind specially since its a cooperative work between me and my friend and a lot of people seems to like it.. dont judge from now, give it time and see 😉 Its beneficial, its fun, its global… ya3ni think positive

  4. Can’t Wait! Thank you Lu’liscious 🙂

  5. Coooool wanasaa 😉 bring on Lu’liscious 😀

  6. Welcome lulucious 🙂 7abbait your chisou review 😀

  7. Thanks all 🙂
    Stay Tuned for more to come

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