Juju’s – Freshly Baked With Love

The very sweet (sweeter than sweet) people behind Juju’s cannot stop spoiling me with their yummies! I am not complaining though because they sent me three jars of delights… mini cookies and brownies bites!

Yeah… At Juju’s its freshly baked with love 😉

Chocolate Chip *My favorite*

Rocky Road

And brownies 😉

Overall.. they tasted really good (specially the chocolate chip cookies), their size is perfect (not too small), and the presentation/theme was done nicely! Thank you Juju’s 😉

To order, call their Fanar branch at 25722999

17 responses to “Juju’s – Freshly Baked With Love

  1. copy cats?
    or maybe im being bias 🙂

  2. Ansaaaaaaaaaaam 😦 LOL iWant.

  3. lool i wish they send me some 😛 im out of salary :((

  4. Competition is a very healthy thing… But I don’t understand why they had to copy “with love”. Little treats has been using it since day one”made with Love”, as a home business..before Juju was open.

  5. امس شفت بالفنار وحده شاليه الصندوق اللي فيه ميني كاب كيك

    يشوقون !

  6. امس بالفنـار شفت وحده شايله الكرتون اللي فيه ميني كاب كيك

    عليج بالعافيه
    وعليهم بالعافيه 🙂

  7. Jujus is the first cupcake concept in kuwait since 2007 and the other concept is copy from jujus 🙂

    • Incorrect. Zahra basement coffee shop & Sugar and spice were the first cupcake in town. juju’s was the first location Bakery. Little treats was the first cupcake bakery before juju’s (home based).

  8. chinna hosha bel comments LOOOL

  9. Noaf & Jujus! You are both my buddies 😉

  10. I know sweetie… U know I love everyone in the world :*

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