It’s Alive = It’s Ridiculous

The movie is just plain stupid! The story talks about Lenore, a pregnant graduate student, who leaves school and goes to live with her boyfriend. She gives birth to a baby monster who feeds on animal and human and God knows what! That baby kill them in the most brutal ways you can think of!!! The movie is beyond lame! I laughed so hard at some scenes….

Bad pictures, terrible acting, and stupid story! The worst movie I have seen this year!



12 responses to “It’s Alive = It’s Ridiculous

  1. Thank u:D I was planing 2 watch it ! 😉

  2. theres an older version that ive seen
    just as stupid!

  3. LOL!!! It is a remake for a movie they made I think in the 1970’s freaky and funny ;p

  4. the plot sounds awful a9lan :p
    I hate horror movies !

    movies I regret paying to watch them:
    – Solaris, George Clooney
    – Up in the air , also Clooney !
    BORING !

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