The Avenues <3 Tarsheed

Samar AlBader snapped this picture while in The Avenues last night. The lights were dimmed a bit in a move to support conserving energy 🙂

Nice move! WTG 😀

Thanks Samar 😉

16 responses to “The Avenues <3 Tarsheed

  1. I hope the black out reaches 3deleya, shameya, el ‘9a7ya, showai5<<<< eee haien

  2. that is a really great idea!!
    if big shopping malls start raising awarness! people might actually listen

  3. Its ok that they’ve reduced the lighting but they also turned down the AC!! In this sweltering weather!!

  4. They have done the same in Salhia complex!

  5. Very nice move 😉 I dont think they can do it during weekends!

  6. lights were dimmed?

    the AC was off in most shops… you would go inside and try to breathe and then run out sweating! Only the common areas had AC o not that much… what about the poor employees? Enshewaw!

  7. Small steps by individuals can go a long way.


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