Someone on my Facebook fan page posted this picture of a car parked on the pavement in the Amiri Hospital parking lot!

When are they going to learn! tsk tsk tsk!

9 responses to “No-No!

  1. when Amiri hospital management will realize that they have to expand their parking lot so people won’t park this way!

  2. when u work in amiri and keep ur car in the sun for 8 hours u’ll do the same … what bothers me most is the underground parking -which is supposedly for doctors- is empty and even doctors don’t park there because only people with wasta will be allowed to park their!!!

  3. amiri is an exception!
    when u have to attend at 7.00 am o there is no more spaces! totally a YES
    ya3ni itha bejadedoon il shakil min barra bs! they might as well e7i6on mokan 7q il nas ily attending there

  4. والله خوش صفطه

  5. Try attending there at 7 am meeh!

  6. eeh wallaaah .. you obviously haven’t been there between 8 and 12 when its almost close to impossible to find a parking spot, you’d be lucky to even find a pavement to park on, it’s so frustrating

  7. yeah I dont blame him or her, they might have arrived when there weren’t any parking spots available.
    I remember last summer when I had to go to Amiri a couple of times a week, it was hell, no parking and the only parking I’d find was in the sun.
    This problem is prevalent all around Kuwait btw. The parking structure I park in for work is shared between 4-5 different buildings and if you arrive after 9 its hell to find a spot to park in. There are two new buildings being built and I highly doubt they have build a parking structure. Thats what pushes people to park wrong and on the streets and pavements.
    I had a meeting once in the FTZ and had to go back 2 work at the office, I waited a full hour to enter the parking structure again, and drove from floor to floor to find a parking spot.
    Sorry for the long comment though.
    I am not saying what he/she did is correct, but sometimes you really can’t blame a person.

  8. ana mashoof fee shay qala6! hatha yay isib7 zayir obooh or ommah that is suffering and may die anytime, o ma liga parking min iza7ma so sifa6 like that o sadeeqtich 6al3a ithihir lama 5alas idawam o ilkil rad o ohwa lel7een ma 6ala3! thats why shkla qala6 coz ilkil 6ali3 o ilparking sar fathi at that moment bess! i would it

  9. Arid wagoool… ma7eb elly ye3alij el ghala6 eb ghala6 thaani! I was there at rush hour and I waited in the parking for long time… my dad was once rushed so when he didnt find a parking, he parked somewhere out o mesha bel 7aar o ta7ammal!

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