Ken-Niz Season Finale

Don’t miss Ken-Niz season finale tonight at 9:00PM on AlWatan TV for the grand prize of KD30,000

الليلة الساعه ٩ عالوطن موعدكم مع الحلقة الأخيرة من برنامج كـنّـز. تابعوها وشوفوا من الفائز بالـ 30,000 دينار

8 responses to “Ken-Niz Season Finale

  1. I hope this catches on with other commercial establishments as well..corporate social responsibitly is something that is often ignored here with the exception to a few orgs..holding one segment of the society accountable to the power usage and having power cuts in designated areas only is selfish and inconsiderate!

  2. The Harley Davidson team will help in the clue at tonight’s show ❤
    WTG Bu Yousif 😉

  3. Wanasa en sha allah l gray team efozon ewanson
    twny shft’hm m9awren eb ga9r mishref that was around month and a half ago i saw ken-niz flag there

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