Yummy Food Pics ;-)

Below are few pictures of some home cooking done by my sisters… yes, and nothing by me 😉 Enjoy!

This one is Spanish olives & goat cheese balls

Recipe (link)

This is cream cheese & jalapeño wrapped in turkey bacon

Recipe (link)

Pasta Salad

BBQ Chicken

Chocolate and marshmallow cups

Recipe (link)

And Oreo balls swimming in creamy bath 😉 YUMMM-O!

18 responses to “Yummy Food Pics ;-)

  1. everything looks great.

    Can we have the recipe for the BBQ chicken?

  2. tslam l ayady
    looks perfect and yummful as always !

  3. you are my role model 😛 😀


  4. yummy ,, 3aleekom bl 3afyaa ,, mashallaaah wallah ur sisoz 6la3aw mo haineen ba3ad ;Pp

  5. Yums! Leesh el torture 3ad 😦

  6. شكل الباستا سالد يمييييي

    ابي طريقتها

    وتسلم ايد اختج


  7. looks really good mashallaah ! ! bil3afya;p

  8. Please adopt me! It all looks so yummy! Wow!

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