Stupid Car

I hate it when car drivers act in a mean (and idiotic) way… like for example, I wanted to take a right, but the stupid car in front of me wont move forward… I figured she wasnt in a hurry and shes like “might as well stay where I am since the light did not turn green yet and I will let the others behind me suffer”… when she could have moved forward and saved me time! Grrrrrrrrrr

PS: Image stolen from Baking Tray 😛 but edited by me hahaha

16 responses to “Stupid Car

  1. If she were mean to you or to anyone, that will come back to her w fi a7ad byetne7as 3laiha wewagfa wagfa gashra methil ma tsawi lelnas!

  2. Well it is a fact that many drivers are idiots. At least the idiot you experienced did not put your life in danger. I have had my share of idiots on the road who threaten the lives of others by pulling utterly unnecessary stunts or forgetting that they are driving because the bbm chat they have going is very important.

  3. Off i hate stupid cars!!
    Lamma a6g eshara faj2a l next lane ysr3on
    lamma abe asf6 fj2a l kl mst3yel

  4. nice sketch ;p bewareee DEFENSIVE DRIVING is very important course 🙂

  5. you shoulda honked & gave her a piece of your mind


  6. la7athtay ena zaydeen la’3biya ily bilshare3?

  7. looooool! il9ooora ithba7atni heheh..i hate that too ..if we’d do a research about kuwaiti road idiots id have an A+ intay shaklich mithli it3aneen bilshari3:P

  8. y do something like that and fall so low! Its attitudes like these that led me to have road rage in the first yr of my i just count till 10 and tell myself im the bigger and more sensible person than the douche!

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