Random Thought!

“Sweet + Sweet can add up to SWEETER”

I like ice cream and popcorn… TOGETHER!

Yes, I know… I like the confusing signals on my taste buds!

Specially when its soft vanilla ice cream and salted popcorn! But that doesnt mean I mind mixing it with sweet popcorn 😉

For now I have Marble Slab’s Nutty Butter (half melted) and Garrett’s Caramel Popcorn 😉

What!!! I was half way though it when I thought of this post… so yeah, its kinda gone 😛

16 responses to “Random Thought!

  1. I never heard of that before. Sounds kind of yummy. I’m going to try it! Thanks 😀


    *fashalteena tawny maad7ich 3aad*


  3. not bad, have ya ever tried french fries with ice-cream? 😛 its Uh-MAZING!!! my stomach is a bottomless black hole.. i know XD 😛


  4. Ana I loveeee salty popcorn cotton candy! Lol I gotta try this too ;p

  5. Mashalla 3leech

  6. a7essa yummz!

  7. I love to add peanut butter as well and sometimes butterscotch 😉

    bil3aafya 7obbee

  8. Q80 In Denver

    cool idea Ansam! :p

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