Pottery Barn – Now Open

Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids… High quality American home furnishings is NOW OPEN at the Avenues 😉

Remember Friends’ episode? The one with the Apothecary Table?


10 responses to “Pottery Barn – Now Open

  1. ana mn friends 3arafta lol

  2. والللللله لوتجعلون من منازلنا سبا هايييييتيييييييييين هاااااااايتيييييييييييين خخخخخخ

    btw their furniture is nothing out of the ordinary — their styles are very mundane….

  3. i went looking for an apothercary table:p no luckk
    ba3dain my roomate hates mass-produced stuff so thats another reason:(

  4. LOL i only knew of Pottery Barn from Friends! That was a funny ep! :p

    I cant wait to check it out, seems like they have nice stuff..

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