Rose Water <3

I love rose water!

I use Kiehl’s French Rose Water (recommended) as a body freshener and rub! It is selling for KD8.200!

Even better? If kept in the fridge… or when you run out, just use rose water from your kitchen instead 😉

I also love white coffee… which is basically hot water with drops of rose water… a drink that is lighter than tea/coffee after meals

and I have recently tried Rose White Chocolate at Chocolate Bar

And lets not forget Ansam Yogurt at Napket 😉 which consists of Napket’s watermelon icy yogurt, pomegranate, and sprinkle of rose water 😉

And this is from my co-worker Moe B. … Power Horse with rose water! He seemed to be enjoying it!

Do you like rose water?

12 responses to “Rose Water <3

  1. My grandmother always smelled like rose water and ward 6aifi Allah yer7amha ❤

    I guess it's because of her… I am heads over heels in love with Rose Water…

    my favourite drink is black tea with a bit of milk, lots of sugar, and some rose water… i have rose water little spary for my face when i need it.. i wipe my face with rose water every morning and after every bath… and i am currently in love with the Frozen Raqqi Rose Water Combo you have recommended -my dinner tonight-

    I have found a brand of Rose water that is sold only in the annual exhibits in Mishref… a bit expensive but the smell is out of this world!!! I will share it you will love it i am sure…

    • I love ward 6aifi… I use it as a perfume and reshoosh too 😉

      I also love AlJazeera’s rose musk ❤

      Glad you liked the rosewater raggi 😉 Its kinda my Icy Yogurt mix heheheh.

      About the rose water you mentioned… please, do share 😉

  2. لا انا ما احبه

  3. ana aresha 3ala wayhe o sometimes a7e6 chm g6ra bel may
    bs be careful mo kl rose water qabel lel akel fe mnhom mojarrad may 36ree so take care

    • I know 😉 Like the French Rose Water I have here in this post is used as tonic, and there are ones to be used as perfume hehehe eshda3wa I know 😉

  4. Love it in Ma7albia 😀

  5. ee l2nna ma3ay wa7da bel dawam kant test5dm l 36ry for cooking and drinking;s
    so maybe one of the readers did the same

  6. i just use alrabee3 rose water 😛

    by the way , casper and gambini have rose water late , not sure about the name bas 3ajeeeeeb

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