Little Treats Starbucks Cake

My friend Shushu wanted to create a special cake for her sister’s, May, birthday. I went out with her to one of the bakeries and she kept going and going about it to the sales lady… explaining what she wanted. Basically May is a fashionasta who is in love with Starbucks.

Honestly, her and I felt they were not gonna do it right, although we have seen their work done really WELL before… but there were something about them that screamed “I am not sure I will do it right this time”. So I remember seeing one of Little treats’ cakes once done in a way that Shushu may like.

We went home and I showed her the picture

She fell in love with it. She got the contact details and started her own planning. She had specifications such as the cake flavor and the amount of sugar in the frosting… etc! The day has arrived and this is their cake

It was done really well 😉 WTG Little Treats!

Little Treats is located in AlWataniya Complex in Salmiya and their tel # is 25757292

check out Little Treats website for more pictures and info (link)

Facebook Group (link)

12 responses to “Little Treats Starbucks Cake

  1. حده تونس الكيكه

    كل عام واهي بخير

  2. ambeeeh mashalah twanes 🙂 waay so cute 😉

  3. ما شاءالله

    الكيكه تشووووق

    عليكم بالعافيه 🙂

  4. 3ajeeeba mashalla its perfect I didnt know it a cake until I read the title! bel3afya:)

  5. way shghlhoum eyaneen o 7aail latheeth !
    wayed y3jbii !!!

  6. yeah now that’s really nice! kel 3am wehya b5er o 3alekum b2alf 3afya 🙂

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