Gotta Love This Article

I read this via my friend’s status update on facebook and thought of sharing it with you! Its an article (in Arabic) by Waleed AlJassim (link)

He is basically ranting about the government and ministry urging us to wisely use electricity (Tarsheed) and wondering if anyone will really listen!! He explains “Are there any SANE man who will turn of the AC during the summer in Kuwait to avoid electricity blackouts? ACs are a must during our hot summer, specially when water boilers are already off, most lights in the house are off as well (which kinda help with the heat) even our stoves operate on gas and not electricity.. so whats the deal with that?”

I loved the article!

Thanks Ansam S. 😉

PS: Funny how I posted about Tarsheet almost three years back…. I guess history does repeat itself 😛 (link)

13 responses to “Gotta Love This Article

  1. I still cant believe how a country like Kuwait cant have enough energy and power enough for it !

  2. 7achee waa7id baaq min il7arr lool 🙂

    gi3daw biwzirra hehehe I liked that

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  4. Loool wallah Kalama 3dl 7rr mot mara7 rn6afy al AC !!!!

    Thx 3ala post ❤

  5. آسفة اختلف مع الكاتب ليش ما نصير شعب محترم مثل باجي الشعوب و ندفع فاتورة كهرباء عشان الواحد وهو طالع من بيته يسكر الليت و يطفي التلفزيون و يحترق قلبه على الفلس ما نحتاج مولدات نحتاج نحس بقيمة مصاريفنا و وقتها حكومتنا ما تقدر تسكتنا و لا تعتقل خالك يالجاسم ولا تذلنا عشان الكهرباء اببلاش
    هذي وجهة نظري الشخصية

    • I totally respect tarsheed and saving power and energy, and I am also for paying for electricity… but that doesnt mean that I will switch the AC off during our hot summer 😉

    • I kind of disagree with you balsam, have you noticed the electricity loads only go up at the hottest day?

      The problem is the old generators are old at hot days the turbines heat go up friction increases load becomes more (physical load), which naturally make production lower.

      The heat is increasing proportionally over the past 10 years but the electrical infrastructure didn’t change from 1980’s.

      Ask any engineer in MEW they will tell you the same thing the problem is with them not the people. :p

    • You make a very good point!!

  6. Q80 In Denver

    People don’t understand the REAL reason why a rich country like Kuwait suffers with electricity each and every summer .. The real reason ladies and gentlemen is that these huge electrical (generators) cannot hold the usage of electricity in summer so in simple words we need new refineries .. ok so where is the problem .. we have enough money right!? right .. but when there is (monaGa9a) and people fighting over it .. we take the pain and suffering each year! Yahooo!

    • Yeah that… and they should increase water and electricity prices so that people really start to feel bad when they waste such resources!

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