In Hospital Designing

In designing hospital (interiors) many measures should be taken into consideration before trying to make it look like a five star hotel or a huge spa! Of course I dont mind the luxurious looks and spa-like atmosphere… I do LOVE that, but here are few things I want to share with you about hospital interiors and measures!

Hospital Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring are press molded and calendared. They’re cigarette burn resistant (and fire retardant). They can take heavy mobile loads (on wheels). It resist chemicals and have long life wear ability and stability in most temperature, not to mention their self-healing capacity (you can hardly see scratches on’em). They got sound absorption, so foot fall (specially when in Kuwait we have ladies going to receptions in their high heels) is remarkably absorbed… oh and that comes in with high walking comfort.

Wall Paneling/Buffer Rails

Wall paneling work as sanitary wall surfaces. They use lacquered or painted wood. Buffer rails prevent damage and save on costly repairs and remodeling. Think of wheelchairs, moving beds, trolleys. They would hit the rails and not the wall itself, and the repair needed -if any- will be on the rails and not the whole wall!

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

According to a study, 80% of infections are spread by hands. Having those dispensers not only doctors and nurses benefit from it, but also patients themselves and visitors all benefit alike from its use. They fight germs and help prevent spreading it (keep in mind that it is best to wash your hands using water and soap).

These are few of the many things to be taken into consideration before designing a hospital (interiors).

8 responses to “In Hospital Designing

  1. Good info thanks alot.

  2. Are u changing ur carrier?

  3. nice post but what brought up this issue is it related to ur job (which i dono what it is) or u just got it and wanted to share?
    just curious 🙂

  4. Amiri…<3

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