This was taken yesterday at around 1:45PM!!

YES! 62C!! I toldya FAH! (link)…. not to mention Mishary, who thought 40C was Hot Hot Hot ;-P (link)

Thanks Dalal A. 😉

10 responses to “62C

  1. Nooo Waaaaaaaay !
    this car must been parked for a long time ?
    but you win 😛

  2. Where?

    I think when you first run your car the temperature go high a lot then it comes down to the normal which is 50-53


  3. Qaweyaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  4. WHATTTTTTTT !!??@@

  5. I agree with frankom, because of the green house effect, I mean the glass will trap the heat or maybe ur car was parking in the sun, I had a post today about the same & temp was around 52-53 😦 & UV 10 + very dangerous for skin

  6. Impossible 62 is almost a world recored no was that thermostat is not correct! (@_@)

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