Yay or Nay?? – Scooter Stroller

For “Mommy-On-The-Go”


15 responses to “Yay or Nay?? – Scooter Stroller

  1. Nay! What would happen to the baby if you lose your balance and fall?

  2. I like it.. But I have “buttery fingers” so the probability of me smaching into something is high 😉

  3. Lol, i wouldn’t mind giving it a shot

  4. I feel it’s dangerous.. I prefer the bike one..

  5. If i lived somewhere in Europe or the States I would so get one! but my favorite has to be the taga 🙂


  6. biig yaaaaaay , ill use it , when the baby is not in the stroll 😀

  7. LOL. It’s nice and it seems to be fun.


  8. yay! hehe but i prefer the baby to face me in this case

  9. Looks so cool!
    I do not know if it would be practical from a baby’s safety point of view…would need to see the real thing to make a final call!
    But yay for a test drive!

  10. Dad540 is up to no good! Thanx, Ansam, for putting thoughts in his head!!!!
    😀 😀 😀
    You know it reminds of when a dad and his almost 4 year old son both zoomed by me on their scooters in NYC. 🙂 I thought WOW they look great. Guess some one built up on that idea! 😀

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