Geant Special Offer

Another “interesting” Geant offer for today 😉

I am posting about it because you might be interested in the iPad or the iPhone 3GS 😉 Only 100 pieces each are available 😉 And its today, and today only Friday May 28th 2010 (ignore the Arabic typo that reads Saturday)

6 responses to “Geant Special Offer

  1. Enzain wain ???

  2. والله يا بلاااااااااااااااش كيلو الرقي بخمسين فلس

  3. wayy :S ana il3routh ma a7bhaa klish!
    7atta beetna kilaa etha fe 3routh mayshtroun !
    o khatheet ilga3da hathe men omii o oboii , enaa etha kan fe chethe tnzelat aw 3routh 3alla akil ykoun 6aye7 eb chabdhoum aw m7ad sharah fa yaboun ysrfoun a:S madreee etha entaaw tshoufunha sa7 wla ghala6 ;/

    • Yeah most Kuwaitis are this way 😉 I believe you.
      I get Geant offers a lot by email so I only post the interesting once, i.e. this one with iPad and iPhone which I dont think “6aye7 eb chabd-hum”

      I would personally avoid such events because I hate crowded places not because I think ina yaboon yeftakkoon men betha3at-hom 😉

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