Corn Dogs

I dont know if you like corn dogs but I do! As a matter of fact I like theme parks and carnival food LOL! Well lets see;

I like soft ice cream, corn dogs, candy apples, churros, turkey legs, roasted corn, lemon slush, cotton candy, pop corn… you name it! I admit!!! I love JUNK FOOD! I also once tried potato cubes -TO DIE FOR- in Taiwan during the Chinese New Years and I cannot find the exact name for it!

Anyways… In this post I will focus on Corn Dogs! I miss having really yummy corn dogs! I tried some corn dogs in Kuwait. There used to be a stand in al Muhallab Mall like 4 or 5 years back. I also tried Corn Dogs during the flea market event of FIVE60.

My coworker, Asoom, told me to try Corn Dogs of Chili’s – only problem its in the “Kids” menu. So I have been ordering it for quite sometime now whenever I go there, and thought… yeah, why not share that with my readers 😉

Its not GREAT, I have had better ones… way better (specially in theme parks and carnivals) but its the best I have tried in Kuwait. I wish it wasnt in the Kids Menu and that they consider making it into an “adult portion” 😛

Speaking of Chili’s… they have added some new items on their menu, on of which is the Garden Fresh Lemonade

I tried it and its very refreshing 😉

Whats your favorite carnival food? Do you like corn dogs? Where do you get them from? Any recommendations for the frozen ones in Sultan?

27 responses to “Corn Dogs

  1. loooool ansam , i thought u were gonna say its amazing 😛

  2. Try the corn dogs they sell in Sultan Center. I cant remember the name but they are in a green box in the frozen food section.

  3. stuck at work


    I’m not sure if you know them or not but there is this small kuwaiti business that does fresh corndogs I have tried them a couple of times at some kuwaiti exhibition it is very good especially with their special sauces…..

    I managed to find their facebook page

    enjooooyy 😉

    • Yeah… its the same one I mentioned in this post with a link (from FIVE60 Exhibition) – I liked it, but I am still looking for a really YUMMY one

  4. I loooooove Corndogs. I’ve actually been craving them like crazy lately. I came across some on taw9eel’s website and was gonna order one of each (since one is chicken and one is beef).. but the website kept timing out on me. So I took it as a sign not to have any. But now that you said Chili’s has…. I’m going tomorrow… gotta convince the hubby first. 😉

  5. I don’t eat hotdogs or corndogs in the matter..
    but i love soft icecream !

  6. i love churros, soft ice creams, roasted nuts, corns & hot dogs … i’m craving churros right now 😦 … do u have any idea where can i eat churros in q8?

  7. كان ودي اجرب الكورن دوجز بس هذا شكلي مو شي

    عوافي 🙂

  8. carinvals or theme parks they make the best junk ever…corn dog’s are yummylicious..i love the corndogs by abdullah they are delicious..i usually get to eat when ever i go for these expo’s 🙂 Didnt know that Chili’s had Corn Dog’s 🙂

  9. eeww!! estghfeer alla ana ma a7eb il hot dogs :S kiiliishh !!!!!!!
    o madre laaaish 7aseet malat chilis THGEELAA :s!

  10. 😦 So it’s been 2 weekends and I have yet to convince my hubby to go to Chili’s 😦 Anyone out there willing to go with me and my 2 adorable kids?!
    Ansam, here are the links to Taw9eel’s corn dogs:

  11. AUK cafeteria has the best corn dogs I’ve tasted. Best I’ve had ever was in a theme park in Pittsburgh, they coated my corn dog in ketchup and mustard. So good but I’d probably like to try it with some good quality mustard such as Dijon!

  12. Ya, but u need a reason to get on campus, say ur paying ur daughters/sisters bill or something!!

  13. Sorry, I don’t know how old u r hehe ;p sorry if u took offense!! It was unintentional!

  14. Hard to be a good corndog. It’s just one of those things.

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