During the past week, the left side of my face went numb few times. Not only that… I had headaches! Sometimes its my forehead, other times its the back of my head as if someone is applying pressure or pulling my hair back! My eyes were itchy and watery… my nose was runny, my face hurt at some points, buzzing sounds in my ears! I was weak and tired most of the time. My body was aching all over, I thought I have flu, it was just bad. My dad ordered me to go see a doctor.

I called one of the private hospital and talked to the receptionist who directed me to physical therapy clinic. I called in for the doctor and they asked me to come at 5:30PM that day. I go in, and they tell me the doctor is out of town! Why wouldnt they tell us that on the phone… well anyways, I saw the visiting doctor instead.

I told her my symptoms and she explained that the ENT problems are to do with allergies and she really wanted to know about the numbness only! I was like oookaaay!

What did she prescribed for me? Vitamin B Complex!

I wasnt really convinced, so I booked an appointment with my dentist in Bayan Dental. The doctor was all ears! I told him I wanna tell him ALL my symptoms, and he was up for it. He listened to everything I said and turned out it was all relevant.

He asked me if I fell lately… and you know what? I did!! ON MY FACE. Last month, someone was at the door and I wanted to look in the window. It was dark so I didnt see the aerobics steps and fell on my face hard. I ignored it thinking it will go away with time… I didnt tell anyone about it at the time. It was around mid April!

With basic examinations, my jaw clicks… yeah! It does, when I open my mouth and then close it… it clicks! I am going to see the doctor again this afternoon for follow up…. but my jaw clicks now 😦 Good thing is that its mild and not too bad πŸ˜‰

I looked it up online, and guess what? The symptoms are all THERE!! I am going to see the doctor again today and I have prepared some questions 😦

Now that I know my jaw clicks, I keep opening my mouth and closing it just to see if it still clicks! Dang! Its annoying me 😦

37 responses to “Clicking!

  1. salamaaat dear
    ma tshofeen shr!
    ambaih little thing like a fall affect that much!

  2. ma tshofeen shar o enshala 5air! please keep us updated

  3. ouchhh salamat.. !

    It’s known as TMJ.. please give us feedback about the treatment you get, I had the same situation years ago and I had all sorts of suggestions from “Doctors” from wisdom tooth removal to braces!

    I was in a lot of pain, but it improved greatly after applying hot compresses, and some jaw exercises.

    In the end I was given antibiotics for an ear infection and somehow the TMJ went away πŸ™‚ il 7amdillah never suffered from it again.

    • Alla yesalmick/h πŸ™‚ It is TMJ and thats what the pic above is saved as πŸ˜‰

      Whats the name of your antibiotics? I wanna ask my doctor?

  4. matshofeen shar honey ikha6ach ilsow inshallah, o please keep us posted :*

  5. I got dizzy a while back and fell on my face. My face got swollen but worse, my teeth moved around because of the hard smack.

    Thankfully my jaws weren’t affected. Depending on your situation, either it’s because it got bruised, or it might got slightly dislocated.

    Ma tshofeen shar inshallah. Wear a helmet from now on :p

    • OUCH! I didnt get bruised wayed… kan khafeef bas it was literally on my face LOL.

      Eshar mayeek… yabeela helmet walla πŸ˜›

  6. Ansam habibty!!! Salamat!! Inshallah the doctor will know what to do.. And try not to cluck ur jaw.. U might make it worse :*

  7. salamat matshofen shar enshala. Hope your jaw feels better than ever.

  8. ive had headaches for years now. the pain starts from one side of the back of the head to the back of my ears to the front top of my head to my eyes and nose. i had it checked and they told me that its from kind of sinus problem, so i go do the operation but still have headaches. i just opened my mouth really big and closed it and heard my jaw click , weeiird!!
    shakakteeni now :p
    did you have the same symptoms?
    and i never fell on my face hmmm

  9. affaaa! Matshoofeeen shar! 6ay7at elwayh chaydah! I fell twice flat on my face bas allah 7afthhni πŸ™‚ yeah I busted my eye lid and my frontal teeth ma kanaw in their right place ;p
    bs el7mdlah allah str!

    inshallah maku ela el3afyah, don’t bite into large burgers! ;P

  10. a77777777777!!!

    tra kilshay wala the jaw 3aser! Take care hon ma itshofeen shar…

    aham shay il numbness in the face 3lajah vitamin B complex… wayed athat roo7ha! visiting doctor you say?!

  11. salamtich matshofen shar

  12. Mine is clicking for the past 6 yrs , kela ygololy mafeej shay :/

  13. salllamat ma tshofeen shar, my jaw used to click and it really hurts.. it lasted for long time till it healed by itself, thank god
    o salaamat mra thanya, ajr o 3afya

  14. ketchup n' fries

    ma tshofeen shr,, enshala mako ela el3afyai πŸ™‚

  15. la matshofeen shar inshalla Ansam ;*

  16. instantcravings

    a nite/bite teeth guard!

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  18. matshoofeen shar ): have the same problem do u recommend any Dr?

  19. OMG… first of all… Salemtik.
    Secondly, I seriously don’t understand how some people are “doctors”!!! How could your jaw clicking be misdiagnosed?!
    And the unprofessionalism of some hospitals here is mind boggling!
    We recently had our own hospital encounter that just drove me mad!

    • Alla yesalmich πŸ™‚ Thanks!
      What can I do!!! Alla kareeem

      Good/Bad doctors and medical care is everywhere lil asaf 😦

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