Should Ladies Get Special Treatment(s)?

Okay so ladies dont go on all attacking me for betraying my own kind here, but I didnt see this right! First 360DEWAN posts about Ladies Cashier, showing special cashier lines for disabled and another for ladies!

And then someCONTRAST posted about Ladies ONLY Parking!!

Now let me explain my point of view here!

There are special treatments for the elderly and for the disabled… and those with special needs, right? So are we ladies in need of such special treatment? Seriously? And a separate parking for ladies?

What happened to us calling for equality and women’s rights? So do we need specially tailored women rights? Come on!!

I can see this leading to bigger mess and creating problems rather than solving. What if a man is with his wife doing their grocery, he would go get the car and ask her to stand in the less crowded ladies line? What if a woman is there with her son? Same goes for the parking… I can go on and on and on!!!

And in the end, when in Mecca, the holiest Islamic spot on earth, we see men and women performing Umra and Hajj in the same place at the same time with no segregation!

Whadya think?

43 responses to “Should Ladies Get Special Treatment(s)?

  1. LOL , sorry but this is funny ridiculous and unnecessary , i agree with u o kilish mala da3y

  2. It’s for women who are avoiding harassment. But this isn’t the solution, it’s just a workaround that isn’t really effective.

  3. as a woman, I like it when I get special treatment .. I don’t think this is degrading in any way .. I don’t like it if for example I go to the gas station and I have to fill the gas by myself .. actually, I think this shows respect for women .. I call for women’s right but not equality .. men and woman are not equal either physically or mentally or emotionaly .. I don’t think I will ever like to be treated like a man >> think army recruitment .. I’m a lady and I deserve to be treated this way and there is nothing wrong with that ..
    but this special parking lot “is” wrong .. it “is” too much .. so if that’s what you meant then Yes I’m totally with you ..

    • The gas station option -as you know- is available for everyone and not just women! Why wouldnt women want to wait in line like everyone else. What if you are doing the shopping with your son, dad, husband, brother… in time for payment and when the ladies cashier is less crowded… your male companion can “disappear” and you go ahead of everyone! Shissalfa? And the parking is waaaay too much!

      Most women wont like to be treated like men and vice versa… but there are limits you know, and rather than just dancing around the subject, try to solve it

      But to each is his/her opinion and I respect yours 😀

  4. It is understandable the elderly and disabled get the special treatment. But ladies??? a big fat NO!!!
    We’re capable enough to take care of ourselves!
    and I agree with 3baid too… we have to get to the root of the problem.

  5. I don’t think this is not a matter of preferential treatment but more a safety issue. A lot of attacks happen in dark and empty parking lots. And please lets be honest many people of certain nationalities have no concept of personal space so standing in line next to them can be UNCONFORMABLE to say the least. Why n0t make our lives a little easier, it doesn’t belittle me.

    • So is it safe to gather all women in one place? Whats the point of having security guards then?

      Solving a problem by creating another is not really a solution 😉

      But again, to each his/her opinion 🙂

  6. stuck at work

    if we seek equality then noooooooo!!!!!

    and if they are concerned about safety issues they should make a separte parking area for women which will raise another topic about segregation………

    lets live life as it is, attacks will happen anywhere and if it was a really big issue then i think that coming up stricter laws and putting Surveillance cameras is the right approach…..

  7. Uhm, are people forgetting that we Kuwaiti women can kick ass all by ourselves, thank you very much?

    I like to be spoiled, but not looked down on.
    I can park in a dark lot better than any man and stop any attacker from having kids (ever) with a swift knee to the groin 😀

    Ma 3indihum salfa el sara7a lol

    • Yes back in the days (before oil) when men traveled for pearl hunting and trading, women took care of everything at home! Sa7?

  8. I agree with you Ansam, I dont see any need for such segregation even in extra sevices. Facilitating our shopping and parking does not mean that we are respected in this society, In contrast, It means that we are week and needy and we need some special treatment! No we dont.

    We are strong and independant and guess what, we can wait in lines and park far.

    If this country want to show how females are respected they should give them their logical civil rights and treat them like equal citizins and not second class. Laws in this country are against women in so many ways. Let them start with that then think of pampering ladies with special pay lines and parking.

    • I know a lot of people are saying its available in countries in Europe but I am sure it is due to lack of resources, such as bigger numbers of security guards! In Kuwait we have lots of guards so whats the need for it? Really!

  9. girls are born to be spoiled 😉

  10. well, it can useful since sometimes i go with my mom to run a quick errand but the parking sometimes is loaded and i don’t like letting my mom going alone in the mall while i wait in the car, nor let her in the car while i go alone to grab whatever there is..
    the valet can take forever just to get us the car after we are done :/
    eff madrey laish ‘6ag 5lgy 😦

    • And I am sure the same situation can happen to one of the guys or girls with the father… so you know? Not solving the problem here… o laish thag khelgich?

  11. It’s women who ask for equal treatment. It’s women then who betray their believes, making men jealous wishing for half the advantages.

    If a woman is pregnant and needs special treatment, let it be. But that’s not the case here.

    It’s so typical unfortunately. At work for instance, they want to be equal. I’m perfectly fine with that.

    “Would you take phone calls at middle of night and come to fix the problem?

    Typical answer is no. OK, I understand NO, but then don’t ask for equal treatment. We’re either equal in responsibilities and advantages, or different in both.

    You know what this sign would do? I shop with my wife, fill the trolley, and then send my wife only to the cashier, by-passing ALL the queue. What this is basically saying is, either women’s time is more precious, or they have much lower stamina. If it’s the latter, then why are shopping malls full of women?

  12. There is a huge pink sign in the Ministry of Electricity and Water that says WOMEN’S PARKING ONLY :p

    really cracked me up madry laish!

  13. I agree with you.. I am for family parkings, like when you have a baby and a pushchair and all that, they have them in Europe too..

    but a parking just for ladies? Eshda3wa!! a big looool

  14. I just realized that the first picture was for a cashier!!? 3abali Parking?@@ LoooooL leesh ba3ad la tidfa3 a7san 😛

    Only in Kuwait lol :/

  15. “Takhallof” is the word lol..
    Women have always had special treatment but they still calling for equal rights, even when they’re equal.

    But they wont stop. (I’m not saying all women, just in case you’re planning to slap me.)

    Didn’t most malls do the “Families only” thing, and count girls as a “family” even if it was just one girl? while guys stayed out cause they were marked as “trouble makers and annoying” just cause they were born as guys? lol

    I lost count of how many times I was kept out of a mall just cause it’s for “families only” while I’m met3anni o 6ag 6ereej.

    So the private parking thing for women? that’s less hurtful. 😛

    And the cashier thing? do they really need that?

    For example, in hospitals, I go in and find like.. 5 women jeddami so I stop a little further than I usually would if it was a line of guys, to respect those women and not invade their private space. Then I see other women coming in, and seeing me, and then just cutting infront of me in that space I was keeping between me and the woman infront of me, then comes another and another… ’til one day I was second in line.. the woman infront of me left, 6alla3t my ID wela ma ashoof ella hatheek elly yat from the right o 7a6at be6a8at’ha :/

    Sorry for the long post (galba matrooosaaaaaa :P)

  16. Ahmed I agree.. family parking means family ya3ni with the husband ..

    That reminded me i went to the hospital a few months ago, and everytime an elevator stops, and there are only men, the women don’t go in lol I was like what’s going on?!! eshda3wa esbisawwoon ya3ni? So I went ahead and all the women were looking at me lool Sorry but some women need to open their minds, not all men are perverted and not all women are innocent :/

  17. Most Women have created this level of double standards about equal treatment! We can create our own glass ceilings most of the times! :@

  18. And who said whats going on in Mecca is right? There is a project that has been proposed to rebiuld the holy site to give women a place of there own and ease the crowdiness of people.

  19. Special service for ladies at Boubyan Bank also (but not many will avail, I think)

  20. Thats another story… Its an Islamic Bank, bes laish banging not banking hahahaha

  21. LOL… sorry… got little dragged here 😛

  22. The Islam gave the women her respect, and Im wondering why you guys hate this ;\ and you call it “Ta5aloF” oo ma atwaqa3 feh shai esma “open minded” if you are muslim.

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