Mr. Baker Cakes!

I have noticed that Mr. Baker marzipan covered cake are becoming popular more and more! Have you noticed that too?

A couple of years back I was invited to my friend’s baby boy birthday and I snapped this pic of his cake!

Thats another cake done by Mr. Baker for my friend’s son

My cousin’s daughter turned one earlier last April and her amazing looking cake was also made by Mr. Baker!

And mine was from Mr. Baker as well 😉

I mean their cake (taste and shape wise) are becoming better and tastier… and more popular. Did you notice that too?

14 responses to “Mr. Baker Cakes!

  1. i LOVE the merry-go-round styled cake!

  2. الله فيووووول

    هذي كنت بطلبها قبل لا تيي اختي

    بس امي ما رضت لانها على فيول واختي ما تحبه :(((((

    وطلبنه منهم وحده ثانيه من هالطقه وكانت يمييييي لذيذه وخفيفه

    مشكوره 🙂

  3. walla i like mr baker
    7atta l sandwiches 7elween o ham they are improving kel shy

  4. stuck at work

    I actualy prefer mr. bakers sponge cake over opera… the cream is light and the cake is fluffy just the way i like 😀

    my mouth is watering….. : P

  5. i have noticed!
    we had a cake for my best friend’s birthday party!!! it was huge and looked stunning! it was a brilliant job! they’re really becoming amazing at custom cakes especially!!!
    mmmm *droools* ;p

    • Yeah… I am waiting for my cousin to send me a pic of her son’s cake, which is custom made…. and I will update the post

  6. They really do amazing cakes especially for birthdays ! personally love their red velvet cakes try them 🙂

  7. very impressive 🙂 thanks for sharing

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